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Announcing: Stages on Pages!

One of the things that seems to interest people about my book, RIVAL, is the arts angle - it's about two girls who are passionate about music, both preparing to go up against each other in a major singing competition. I wrote the book for teens who are like I was back in high school, interested in the arts but unable to find many books that tackled the topic.

The cool thing is, I'm no longer alone! There are a lot of books out lately--or just about to be released--that focus on the arts. Now, several authors with arts-related books are banding together and going on tour!

I'm so excited to announce Stages on Pages, young adult and middle grade authors touring America in support of the performing arts. This amazing project is the brainchild of Stasia Ward Kehoe, whose ballet-themed book, AUDITION, comes out in October. (Ooohhh... ballet - I can't wait. I am a HUGE balletomane.)

We've just announced the first leg of our tour in Washington, California and New York. And tons more stops are yet to be announced. So bookmark the website and like us on Facebook to see if we'll be coming to a bookstore near you.
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